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Time; you can never go back, but I offer you pieces that you’ll remember for a lifetime. As a professional photographer with years of experience, I’ve photographed everything from newborns to country music stars. But, I’ve truly fallen in love with the unscripted moments that I capture through wedding photography. The look on a father’s face when he walks his baby girl down the isle, a mother’s joyful tears as she helps her daughter into her wedding dress, a groom’s look of pure adoration when he locks eyes with his beloved bride. It’s moments like these that make my heart swell and make me love what I do!

What to Expect

I truly love the real stuff. The real smiles and the moments that you want to remember forever. As a wedding photographer, I feel like making my couples comfortable allows me to capture these moments. I want you to remember the way it felt and I portray that in my images.

Take a look at my portfolio; the pieces of time I’ve captured, and let me know how I can help you remember your special day.

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Jillian McQuerrey

is the owner of B.O.B Photography. She has traveled across the country and back in the last 10 years taking pictures. From Baltimore, to Los Angeles, to Nashville, she’s photographed everything. What she loves about wedding photography are the unscripted, precious moments between a bride and groom, and family members. These moments she’s captured make her love what she does.

“I hardly have the words to adequately express how phenomenal B.O.B is. Jill knows exactly what she is doing, she is lighthearted and fun, putting everyone at ease. And her pictures… Well they speak for themselves. If you do anything right for your wedding, engagement or family photos, it would be to hire B.O.B to capture the magic and love of the day – you will not be disappointed.” – Ashley

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