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Common Mistakes in Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Common Mistakes in Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

If you’re considering permanent eyebrow makeup, you must know what mistakes to avoid. Permanent eyebrow makeup can give you the perfect eyebrows that are beautifully sculpted and require very little maintenance – but only if you go through the right process. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes people make when they opt for permanent eyebrow makeup.

Master has no experience

Getting permanent eyebrow makeup done should only be done by a professional. A professional will have a portfolio that shows photos of their work, awards they have won, and proof of their training. An inexperienced master may not be familiar with the right techniques, resulting in a look you don’t love.

Poor quality dyes

Permanent eyebrow makeup requires special dyes that are specifically made for the face. Low-quality products can cause allergic reactions or skin discoloration. Make sure to research the type of dye and product your master will use before your appointment.

Template eyebrows

If you change the natural shape of someone’s eyebrows too much, it might not look good. Before, people would shave off their eyebrows and then draw a new shape. It usually did not look nice. Now people usually just make the eyebrow shape above or below the natural growth of the eyebrows instead. Eyebrows can help you look younger. It is important to pick the right shape that fits your face. Permanent makeup with powder spraying works best for a natural look.

Incorrect placement of ink

Incorrect placement of ink

Incorrect placement can make your eyebrows look odd or off-balance. Make sure your master is familiar with the right techniques to get the perfect shape and arch for you.

Application of black pigment

People who do permanent makeup should never use black pigment. If they do, the eyebrows could turn blue or green later. Therefore, black pigment is not used for permanent eyebrows. For arrows, it needs to be mixed with a warm corrector so that it does not turn blue. For eyebrows, it should be mixed with brown and a warm corrector.

The master does not listen to the wishes of the client

Many professionals don’t listen to what the customer wants. The beauty of eyelashes and eyebrows is something that people have different opinions about. Usually, it’s not just one color being used but a mixture of colors. The specialist needs to show the final color of the skin before doing any procedures.

Ineffective aftercare

Ineffective aftercare

It’s important to follow the care instructions you gave for your permanent eyebrow makeup to last. Ensure you know what products to use and how often to cleanse your eyebrows before and after getting them done. Your master should also explain the importance of avoiding sun exposure and using SPF to protect the pigment.

These are some of the most common mistakes regarding permanent eyebrow makeup. To ensure your look is perfect, find an experienced master who uses quality products and follows all safety guidelines. Permanent eyebrow makeup can give you beautiful eyebrows that require little maintenance, but only if done properly.