A wedding veil can be the ultimate factor in bringing a look together for the big day. A bride may try on 20+ wedding gowns, but it isn’t until she narrows it down to her favorites that a stylist brings in a veil. Why? Because finally including a veil can help a bride really envision herself walking down the aisle and getting married. But just like there are tons of different bridal gowns, there are a variety of different veils. Here is a quick breakdown of the most common veil terminology:


Don’t worry – this type of veil includes no types of birds! A birdcage veil works best if you choose to wear your hair up in a bun. They typically go no further than your chin, and are mainly used to cover the eyes. A birdcage veil can create a vintage or retro vibe.


Most people are familiar with what the blusher is, but they had no idea that that’s what it’s called. The blusher is the layer of the veil that covers the bride’s face. The blusher adds a traditional component to a bride’s look, especially if it is used. A veil could contain a blusher and a bride may have it only as a fashion component. Veils always have the potential to be created without a blusher, as well.


If you have a gown with a statement back or a longer train, then a cathedral veil may be the veil for you. The longest veil, a cathedral length will fall below floor length, toward your train. Sometimes it can even be longer than your train. A cathedral is without a question the most formal and dramatic type of veil.


A fingertip veil is one of the most commonly used types of veils. What makes it so popular is its balance between formality and management. A fingertip veil is just that – it extends down the waist and stops at the fingertips. It’s also very versatile, and can pair with any style of wedding gown.


If you’re looking for a veil that is completely hassle-free and won’t take any attention away from your gown, then an elbow-length is the choice for you. Exactly as the name says, this veil falls only to the elbow. In another type of veil, this may be the length of the blusher, but it is certainly possible to have this be the length of your entire veil. Just like the fingertip, the elbow-length goes well with any gown style.