It’s the most important meal of the most important day! Everyone tells you that eating a healthy breakfast helps kick-start your day, and that’s exactly what you’ll need on your wedding day. Even though you may feel too frazzled or nervous, eatingĀ a healthy wedding day breakfast will give you energy and will keep you from eating too much during the rest of your day.

Here are Some Simple, Filling Foods to Have on Hand for a Healthy Wedding Day Breakfast.


If you don’t foresee yourself eating a lot of food for the rest of your day, then making two quick scrambled or hard-boiled eggs is the move for you. Eggs for breakfast increase feelings of fullness. Additionally, eggs are a great source of protein and they help maintain a steady blood sugar level. For all of the social butterfly brides who will be too busy mingling instead of eating, consider having eggs for breakfast.

Greek Yogurt

For the bride rushing out the door to get her hair and makeup done, grab a container of Greek yogurt on your way out! Greek yogurt contains twice as much calcium and protein compared to regular yogurt. Even if you only grab one package of it, you’ll still be feeling full throughout most of the day. Greek yogurt is a quick and easy solution for a bride that’s on-the-go.

Fruit Bowl

There will be no other breakfast that contains as many antioxidants as a fruit bowl will. Eating fruit for breakfast will help you think clearer throughout the day and will help boost your immune system in the long run. This is perfect for the bride that is going to be spending her wedding dancing the night away with her friends and family – you don’t have to be too worried about getting sick. Additionally, most fruits such as strawberries and raspberries have natural sugars that are the perfect solution to waking you up in the morning.


For the bride that doesn’t enjoy breakfast foods, why not just grab a quick cup of espresso? It’s no secret that drinking coffee will certainly help you wake up and become more alert. But aside from a much-needed energy boost, make sure you aren’t loading your coffee up with sugar and artificial sweeteners/creams. Try to stick to skim, soy, or almond milk if you need a little flavor in your cup of Joe.