If you’ve recently visited K&B Bridals, you were probably pleasantly shocked to find that there were so many other businesses right inside. In fact, there are five women-owned and awarded businesses available to every customer that walks through the doors. This type of organization is called a wedding collective, and we love operating as one. Since many of our customers seem surprised when they find out we offer more than one service, we decided to give you the details on what our collective business is all about!

What is a Wedding Collective Business?

Before we start talking about Be More Inspired Wedding Studio, it’s important to know exactly what a collective business is. A collective business is an organization that’s composed of hand-picked businesses with similar ethics, quality of service, and passion for their industry. These businesses work together to enhance their customer’s overall experience, giving them everything they need under one roof.

How is Be More Inspired Wedding Studio a Collective?

Now, we can get into the fun stuff! Be More Inspired Wedding Studio is a collective business that includes five in-house businesses and eleven external businesses. Any time a customer enters the Be More Inspired Wedding Studio, they are taken on a tour and introduced to each of the amazing in-house businesses. We are also happy to introduce you to our amazing external partners who offer services such as photography, staging and lighting, desserts, wedding officiants, hair and makeup, and stationery, just to name a few! We are always striving to find new partners to add to our growing team.

The goal of Be More Inspired Wedding Studio is to make the bride’s experience as easy as possible. A majority of the time, a bride-to-be schedules her bridal dress appointment first. So, when she arrives at K&B Bridals for her fitting, she is then introduced to these other business, and she now has contacts for planning many of the other crucial details of her wedding. Basically, Be More Inspired Wedding Studio serves as a one-stop shop for every bride, which we hope makes each of our brides happy!