Picking the color palette is one of the most important factors that goes into planning a wedding. Brides-to-be will vigilantly search through The Knot, Pinterest, and all kinds of inspirational outlets in order to find the most perfect color combo. The color palette affects bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, flowers, and the overall mood of the wedding. Thanks to Pantone’s seasonal color report, brides can be up-to-date on the most standout wedding colors of the season. Here are a few ways to incorporate Pantone’s Fall 2016 color report into your wedding.

For Your Bridesmaids:

“Airy blue” and “lush meadow” are perfect picks for your bridesmaid dresses. “Airy blue” has a very serene, light sense about the color. A strapless floor-length chiffon gown with a slit up to the knee would be a breath of fresh air in this color. The ultimate bridesmaid gown for a beach wedding. “Lush meadow,” very similar to emerald, evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication. It is the ideal color for a more formal indoor wedding in late fall. The style of the dress should complement the richness of the color, like a simple silk halter floor-length dress.

For Your Flowers:

Flowers in “bodacious” and “dusty cedar” will bring the right amount of color-block to your wedding. “Bodacious” is an extremely unexpected color for the fall – which could in turn be the most opportune time to use it in your floral arrangements. The vibrant, bright purple can complement muted pinks and reds. The rose tones in “dusty cedar” make this color ideal for an outdoor rustic-meets-boho wedding. The color radiates warmth, and it was also ranked Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016.

For Your Invitations:

“Riverside” and “aurora red” are two colors that will grab your guests’ attention when they receive your invitations in the mail. “Riverside” takes your standard royal blue to a new level of vibrancy, and would complement a deep gray (like Pantone’s “sharkskin”) or creamy color very well. It’s a new spin on a classic color. Nobody would be able to take their eyes off of an invitation that has pops of “aurora red” on it. This rich, bold red will instantly stay in the minds of your guests. This color exudes confidence, and who wouldn’t want to be confident during every step of their wedding-planning process?