So, you have an open bar at your upcoming wedding, and your guests are super excited to celebrate with you on your big day! But, have you thought about having one or two signature wedding drinks that your guests can order? By having signature cocktails available that your bartenders can make, you’ll allow your guests to order something that represents you and your new spouse. Talk with your wedding planner to come up with an idea that’s perfect for your special day. Here are some ideas to consider when choosing your wedding cocktails!

Make Your Signature Cocktails Match Your Theme

You’ve decided to have a Gatsby-themed wedding, and you have every detail nailed down, from your black and white floral arrangements and table covers to your 1920’s-styled wedding gown and your feathered headpiece and accessories. So, why not get creative with your signature cocktails, too! Consider having a sophisticated champagne-based cocktail for the ladies that features a bitters-soaked sugar cube in a glass of bubbly. Or, offer Fitzgerald’s favorite drink, the Gin Rickey, as your hubby’s choice.

Let Them Represent the Season

If you’re tying the knot right around a major holiday, then make your wedding cocktail a festive one. If it’s Valentine’s Day, offer white wine and champagne sweetened with cranberry juice or fresh strawberries. Or, you can have a chocolate martini as your signature cocktail of choice.

Use Liquors that Represent Your Personality

Are you that friend that always orders shots of tequila for you and your ladies on a girl’s’ night out? Then consider creating a signature wedding drink that has tequila in it! Whether it’s a tequila sunrise, Santa Carla, watermelon margarita, or a Paloma, all of your girlfriends will think of you each time they visit the bar and order their drinks!

Recreate a Drink that You and Your Spouse Bonded Over 

Maybe on your first date, you both ordered mojitos? Oh, and you’re having an outdoor summer wedding? Even better! Get creative and make a his version with bourbon and a her’s version with muddled berries or fruit. Your guests are sure to love this refreshing and classic cocktail!

We hope you found this helpful! Remember, you can add a non-alcoholic drinks as well for and children attending your wedding. Have fun and happy cocktail crafting!