For many girls, asking their friends to be their bridesmaids is just as exciting as getting proposed to, because they get to be creative with their bridesmaid gifts. Whether you want a small bridal party of three or a large one that includes every close friend you’ve ever known, it’s important to ask them in a fun, unique way. Since we at Be More Inspired Wedding Studio know weddings inside and out, we’ve provided some unique will you be my bridesmaid ideas!

1. Send Crafty Cards

Giving sentimental and meaningful bridesmaid cards is always a beautiful gesture. Consider sitting down with someone who specializes in wedding stationery to create cards asking your ladies to be a part of your big day. And, guess what? We can refer you to someone! Think of cute sayings or poems to write in the card, or have one of your favorite quotes included. Also, consider finding pictures of you and your friends growing up to place inside the card.

2. Give Them Jewelry

When any girl tells you not to spend money buying her jewelry, she’s lying! What better way to show your future bridesmaid or maid of honor that you care than by gifting them a beautiful pearl necklace, pair of earrings, hair comb, or bracelet that she can wear on the big day. Lucky for you, we have Faye Daniel Designs right here in the studio, and owner Randie can help you design a set of jewelry that won’t be found anywhere else.  Your girls will look beautiful and feel so special standing up beside you as you say “I Do.”

hair accessories

3. Make DIY Crafts

Taking the time to make your own bridesmaid gifts really shows that you care. Think of all the inside jokes and memories you have with your besties, and try making something that represents them. For example, put together a mixed CD (remember those?!) that includes all of your favorite songs from the 90’s. Or, make a slideshow using all of your embarrassing middle school pictures. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with a DIY craft!

4. Douse Them With Sugar

What girl doesn’t love receiving an indulgent piece of chocolate or an intricately-decorated cupcake? If you know someone who doesn’t, send them our way, and we’ll have theirs! Hold a small party inviting only the girls you plan to ask. Bring out a cake with the question written across it, and be sure to have the champagne ready for when they say yes! Or, go out to lunch with each girl and present her with her own cupcake for dessert. No good at baking? No worries! Our partner La Cakerie can help you out.

5. Buy Them Wine

Okay, this one practically seems like a no brainer. Purchase any bottle of red, white, or other wine of your choice and wrap it up with a cute ribbon tied around the top. If you want a cute way to personalize it, look online for labels. Some girls may be ready to pop open the bottle that night to share, whereas others may want to save it for a girls night after the honeymoon.

wine in bride glass

There are so many fun ways you can ask your bridesmaids and maid of honor to be a part of your wedding day, but these were just a few of our favorites. Make sure to ask them early on in your wedding planning process, so you have plenty of time to head down to K&B Bridals to order their dresses. Our bridal boutique includes many great designers like Bill LevKoff, Allure, Jasmine, Belsoie, and Sorella Vita, just to name a few!  Then, you can pop into Moore & Co. Events to speak with a wedding planner who can ensure your bridal and groom parties are on schedule during the big day! If any of these ideas pop out at you, give us a call, and we’ll direct you to the person who can help you out. We hope to hear from you!